Treatment provided by Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution are in the Field of:

Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Acupuncture, Dermatology, Tuina for Children. Specific Medical Condition Physicians in the field of TCM Oncology (Cancer), TCM Fertility, TCM Gastroenterology (Digestive System) , TCM Cardiovascular Diseases (Heart/Blood Vessels), TCM Apoplectic Sequela (Post Stroke Syndrome), TCM Pain Management, TCM Diabetes, TCM Ophthalmology (Eye), TCM Acupuncture and Scraping, TCM Weight Management, TCM Ear Nose Throat, TCM Alopeciology (Hair Loss) are also available.

Physicians Composition:

Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution has approximately 500 duty physicians (including Clinical Lecturers) and 20 Station Physicians based at all five branches, namely Toa Payoh, Yishun, Woodlands, Bukit Panjang and Joo Chiat, providing consultation. All physicians are members of the Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association and registered TCM practitioners with the TCM Practitioners’ Board, under Ministry of Health. With the vision to promote TCM and the heart to give to society, they do not receive any salary for their services rendered.

Since 1995, the Institution has engaging Professors and other experts from China to become the Advisers for the Specific Medical Condition Physicians, to provide clinical training and to conduct talks, so as to bring up the standard of TCM practitioners, to better serve the patients.

Registration Time (Toa Payoh HQ, Yishun Branch, Woodlands Branch, Bukit Panjang Branch, Joo Chiat Branch)
Session Registration Time
Morning 8.30 am – 12.00 pm
Afternoon 1.00 pm – 4.30 pm
*Evening 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm

(Toa Payoh HQ, Yishun Branch, Woodlands Branch, Bukit Panjang Branch)

*6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

*(For Joo Chiat Branch, Monday – Thursday only)

If the service/physician you would like to consult is full, we reserve the right to stop registration early.

Please be reminded to bring along photo identification as proof (e.g. NRIC/Work Permit/Birth Certificate/Appointment Card etc) for every visit, so that we can verify your identity and to ensure accuracy of your medical records.


Fees (Toa Payoh HQ, Yishun Branch, Woodlands Branch, Bukit Panjang Branch)

Services Rendered Charges
Internal Medicine $3.00/session (Registration)
Acupuncture $3.00 (Registration) + $4.00 (Treatment) = $7.00/session
Specialty Treatment $3.00 (Registration) + $10.00 (Treatment) = $13.00/session
Ophthalmology Department
(at Toa Payoh HQ only)
$3.00 (Registration) + $10.00 (Treatment) = $13.00/session
Eye Examination Package
(For first time visit)
(at Toa Payoh HQ only
Adjunct Physician Consultation $30/session (Registration & Treatment)
TCM Special Care Consultation $45/session (Registration & Treatment)
Medication Charges applies separately, if any

Follow Up Examination (Toa Payoh HQ) (Upon patient own request or request by optometrist and/or physician)

Test Charges
Basic Test $5 per service
(Maximum of S$30 will be charged for more than 6 Basic Test items)
Visual Acuity/Auto-refraction/Cover Test/Colour Vision/Stereopsis/Cornea Fluorescein Staining/Tonometry/Ocular Motility/Contrast Sensitivity Testing/Pupil Assessment/Paediatric Amblyopic Assessment
Complex Test $15 per service
(Maximum of S$30 will be charged for more than 2 Complex Test items)
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)/Visual Field Assessment/Fundus Photography/Slit-lamp Examination and photography/Macular pigments examination

Joo Chiat Branch

Services Charges
Internal Medicine $3.00/session (Registration)
Acupuncture $3.00 (Registration) + $4.00 (Treatment) = $7.00/session
Specialty Treatment $3.00 (Registration) + $15.00 (Treatment) = $18.00/session
Medication Charges applies separately, if any

Additional Treatment Charges (for all branches):

Additional Treatment Charges
Infrared Therapeutic Lamp $3
Acupuncture Device
Blood Letting
Non-Emergency Bandaging
Manipulation Therapy $10
Pediatric Massage Therapy

Medication Charges

Types of Medication Price (per day)
Chinese Proprietary Medicine $2.00/day (Maximum of 8 days)
Herbal Extract $3.00/day (1st day – 8th day);

$6.00/day(9th day – 29th day – only physicians from Specific Medical Condition can prescribe)

*Powder Medicine

(Currently only available at Yishun Branch and Woodlands Branch)

*$5.00/day (1st day – 7th day);

Herbs $10.00/day (Maximum of 7 days)
Patients with financial difficulties can apply for fee wavier through application.

Reserves policy

In accordance with the “Charity and Institutes of Public Character (IPC) Regulatory Guidelines”published by the Charity Council,  a charity should establish a reserve policy to ensure that it is able to support its long-term financial needs, and publish an annual report of this policy. According to this requirement, the board has set aside reserves equivalent to three years’ of operating expenses.

Exemption of Fees

Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution Toa Payoh HQ, Yishun Branch, Woodlands Branch, Bukit Panjang Branch and Joo Chiat Branch, only receive a nominal fee from patients seeking medical consultation as a service to the community. Patients with financial difficulties, or patients receiving social welfare, may apply at the clinic for exemption of fees. Applicants must provide supporting documents including CPF statements. Exemptions will be given based on the patient and patients’ family’s financial situation.