SCHMI Continuing Professional Education CPE Event FAQ


The Continuing Professional Education (CPE) events conducted by our institution is strictly for registered TCM practitioners and acupuncturists only. The details for the CPE events conducted by SCHMI are available on the SCHMI CPE website.

You may also search the event information from the TCMPB website:


1. Do I need to submit for the CPE points claim personally?

For the CPE events under Categories 1A/1B organized by SCHMI, we will submit the CPE points application on behalf of TCM practitioners who attended the events.

For CPE events under other categories, TCM practitioners shall submit online CPE points applications personally. Please refer to “TCM Practitioners Board-Guide on Compulsory Continuing Professional Education Programme” for more information:


2. How can I apply for subsidies for my CPE course fee?

2a. Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Grant (TCMDG) by Ministry of Health

SCHMI strongly encourage TCM practitioners to apply for the TCMDG before 31 December every year. The grant will cover 80% of total course fees for that year, capped at $200 per year.

Please refer to the MOH webpage for more information:


2b. SCHMI training subsidies (only for Volunteer Physicians and Resident Physicians in SCHMI)

With reference to the regulation 8.1 for volunteer physicians:

SCHMI provides 100% CPE subsidy (up till the subsidy limit) of the cost of any CPE events and short-term TCM training courses organized by Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association and its subsidiaries to duty physicians. Please refer to the《中华医院医疗手册-中华医院轮值医师条规》for the subsidy limit. There will only be one subsidy application needed per year. Please collect all the receipts for all the CPE events and training courses and submit them together before 31 December of every year.

Kindly follow the claim submission procedure and submit the claim in the Frontier e-HR system using your own account only after all the TCM events are completed. Submission of hardcopy of 《中华医院中医继续教育津贴申报清单》and receipts are no longer required. You may also check your claim limits and balance in the system.

Reminder: Application without uploading of receipt will be rejected.

In accordance to the regulations in the staff manual, resident physicians can apply for training fee claim using the Frontier e-HR system. Approval must be obtained and application of claim shall only be done after the end of the CPE events.

Note: Please do not use the same receipt to apply for SCHMI subsidy if you have already claimed through TCMDG from MOH.


3. How do I sign up for the SCHMI CPE courses?

You can search our website: > TCM CPE > Registration Site.


4. How do I pay for the registration fees for the CPE events?

SCHMI encourages online registration through our website for an optimized experience.

4a. Online Registration

Online registration is limited to only Debit/Credit card payment.
(Note: Please do not close the browser until the payment has been successful)


4b. Onsite registration

Registration in-person is available at the front desk of our Toa Payoh HQ and only cash or NETS payment is accepted.

Toa Payoh HQ: 640 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh Singapore 319522 

Contact number: 62513304


4c. PayNow Transfer

UEN Number: 201109599Z

Please input the code provided in the poster, follow by your TCMPB no. under “Reference ID”.

Please screenshot the transaction page once the PayNow transaction is successful.

Email the screenshot page to or send through WhatsApp to the official SCHMI CPE mobile 80309883 (strictly messages only). The registration is only confirmed if you receive a confirmational message and receipt.

When providing your details on SCHMI website, kindly complete the payment within 3 days if you have selected PayNow transfer, or the registration will be cancelled. Registration without the provision of the PayNow screenshot transaction page will not be approved. There will be no refund and participation of the CPE talk will not be allowed.


5. Are other payment methods like GrabPay or Alipay accepted?

We do not provide such payment options currently.


6. Am I able to ask for a refund if I am unable to attend the CPE event?

No, no refund is allowed after registration.


7. How do I confirm that my registration is successfully registered?

You can check your email for the electronic receipt. Your registration is confirmed if the electronic receipt is received. (Note: Receipt will not be issued if the browser is closed before the payment has been successfully made)

If you do not receive the electronic receipt, kindly check your Junk/Spam box first. If you are certain that you do not receive the receipt, you may contact us via

WhatsApp (Strictly message Only): 80309883



8. Can I request for a re-print of my receipt if I lose it?

Kindly send us a written request to our email at for a re-print of the receipt. However, do note that a $3.00 administrative fee will be charged, the payment method will be included in the reply email.


9. Can I reserve a place in the CPE event by registering my details for the CPE event without a payment?

No, registration is confirmed upon successful payment.


10. Will a certificate of participation be issued?

Kindly send us a written request to our email at if you require a certificate of participation. Kindly indicate electronic version or hardcopy in the email. However, do note that a $5.00 administrative fee will be charged, the payment method will be included in the reply email. An electronic certificate of participation will be emailed upon request. Self-collection at front desk of Toa Payoh HQ for hardcopy of certificate of participation upon request will be informed once available.


11. Can I register on the day of the CPE event?

Only in-person registration on actual day is only allowed for onsite CPE. An additional $5.00 of administrative fee will be incurred. SCHIM reserves the right to reject actual day registration if the CPE event is fully registered.


12. What should I do to attend the online CPE event I have registered?

Please download the necessary application as our online CPE events will be held on the Tencent VooV or Zoom APP.

SCHMI will record the attendance during any random point of time of the CPE event. We will only apply the CPE points for those who have successfully registered, have attended the CPE event and present the mandated display name format (Chinese name + TCM practitioner registration number) during the event. Participants, whose names do not appear during the random attendance taking, will be considered absent from the event.


13. Notice of videography and photography during CPE events

By participating in our CPE events, you deemed to have consented to be interviewed, photographed or videoed and for the images or videos to be distributed, published, exhibited or replicated in the news, website, promotional materials, television, radio, advertisements and social media, or any other purposes as requested by SCHMI.


14. Cancellation of CPE events and changes of course content.

SCHMI will review and modify the contents and materials in our CPE events. Despite our utmost dedication to present the actual advertised contents, there may be instances that the contents and materials in the CPE event will be modified, or in some special circumstances, the event may be entirely cancelled.
In the event that the minimum number of participants is not reached, the CPE event will be cancelled. SCHMI will immediately inform those participants that have already registered and arrange for a full refund of the registration fee within 6 weeks of cancellation.

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