Q: Do we need to make prior appointments before coming for a consultation?

A: Only specific physicians require prior appointments. Most physicians accept walk-in patients. Please refer to for the physicians’ roster.   

Q: How do I make appointments to consult those physicians who require prior appointments?

A: Please contact the respective branches where the physicians are stationed to make the appointment. The patient’s full NRIC, name, and contact number are required for appointment booking.

Q: Why do I still need to wait to see the physician even though I am already allocated an appointment time?

A: Upon successful booking of appointment, patients will be allocated with a registration time (not consultation time). The consultation queue number will also be allocated based on the registration time.  

Q: Why did my queue number jump to the last when I was late for my appointment?

A: We strongly encourage our patients to register 15 minutes in advance, especially if they are first-time patients. Due to a large number of patients with appointments in queue, patients who are late will be placed last to avoid queue jams.   

Q: How can I register if my appointment time is after  12:00pm/4:30pm/9:00pm

A: Registration at the counters ends at 12:00pm (morning shift), 4:30pm (afternoon shift), 9:00pm (night shift). However, to allow more patients to consult our physicians, we have added appointment slots after the last registration time. Therefore, for patients whose appointment time is after 12:00pm/4:30pm/9:00pm, they can still register at our appointment kiosk.

Q: What documents do I need to bring along for registration?

A: For first-time patients, please bring along your identity documents for registration (e.g. Singaporean – NRIC/Birth Certificate; Foreigner – Passport/Work Permit, etc). For repeated patients, the above documents or the consultation card issued by our institution can be used for registration.  

Q: How much are the charges?

A: Our charges are based on the type of consultation and treatment administered. Please refer to for more information on our charges.  

Q: Is there any difference in charges for foreigners?

A: Our charges are based on the type of consultation and treatment administered. There is no difference in charges for locals and foreigners.  

Q: Why is the cost of medication per day different if I am prescribed with more than 8 days’ worth of medication. Can I request for two months’ worth of medication?

A: SCHMI provides medication at a subsidized rate of up to 8 days’ worth of medication* to all our patients. However, beyond 8 days, there will be a different pricing structure for the medication. A maximum of 29 days’ worth of medication (granules/tablets/capsules) can be prescribed. Please refer to for more information on our medication charges.  

Q: How often do I need to come for a consultation?

A: The frequency of follow-up consultations depends on the individual’s medical condition. Please check with your physician for more details.  

Q: How long is each acupuncture session?

A: Usually each acupuncture session takes about 15 – 30 minutes, but it depends on the patient’s medical condition and the physician’s diagnosis. The abovementioned timing does not include waiting time for consultation and collection of medication.  

Q: If the medication prescribed is effective and we would like to continue taking the same prescription, can we buy it from your clinic without registering for a consultation?  

A: No. All medications are dispensed through the computerized Medical System by the physician. Patients must register in order for the physician to retrieve the medical records and prescriptions from the Medical System.  Moreover, the patient’s medical condition might have changed over time. Hence, the physician might need to alter the prescription accordingly.

Q: Can patients request certain treatments or medications that they feel are effective for their condition?

A: Although patients can make such requests, it depends on the physician’s diagnosis to decide whether the treatments/medications requested are suitable for the patient. The physician has the final say in deciding the most suitable treatment or medication for the patient.  

Q: What kind of medical conditions do you treat?

A: Please refer to our website for more information on some of the medical conditions we treat.

Toa Payoh HQ:

Yishun Branch:

Woodlands Branch:

Bukit Panjang Branch:

Joo Chiat Branch:  

Q: What kind of treatments do you provide?

A: Please refer to our website at for more information.  

Q: I have noticed fundraisers from your institution raising funds in public areas. Since patients are charged with registration, treatment, and medication fees, why is there a need to raise funds?

A: Although patients at Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution are charged with consultation, treatment, and medication fees, the revenue is insufficient to cover the operational expenses. More than 46% of the operational expenses are funded by donations. Furthermore, the donations collected from fundraisings are used to subsidize medication fees provided to our patients.