TCM Pain Management

Cervical spondylosis symptoms include pain in head, neck, back and arm.

Walk in requests would not be entertained.

Contact Us @ 6251 3304(TP)6756 7830(YS)6444  8727(JC)

TCM Pain Management Physicians*:
Goh Tong Hwee
Lam Khee Yong
Aw Geok Choo
Loh Sum Nin
Ang Sok Tian
Tan Thoo Chee
Chan Miaw Eng
Liew Tien Soon
Jin ZhuYing
New Chin Ker
Tang Soon Teck
Ong Bee Hong
Chow Kau
Yuen Sai Po
Ng Hern
Thum Ching Kuan
Tay Bee Hua
Hew Ah Fook
Teo Chek Kwong
Chew Chye Poh
Chow Betty Lynn
Hong Siew Kiat
Chen YuLei
Quah Soon Ee
Poh Lan Eng
Lee Hiang
Chu I Ta
Gu Yan Hong
Teo Yew Hwa
Ng Yee Teck
*By Appointment only